Friday, February 12, 2010

snow day? really?

We have a snow day here. No, there is no snow. Weird, right. It is raining. Lots of rain. North of us is projected to get snow. I highly doubt we will, but I will let you know. So that would make it a rain day. I have four children in my possession all day. I am taking our children on an adventure. Haven't decided where to go. Hawaii maybe! Aloha.

We lived in Colorado a few years back and they knew how to have a snow day. There actually had to be snow on the ground for a snow day to happen. Lots of snow. Like this.

The snow has Luke all the way to the top of our street light post! That was a major blizzard. We were snowed in for a few days. This picture was taken during the same snow storm.


This picture was taken the year before, I think. Another snow storm. See the snow? Nothing like that in Lower Alabama! Yet, we are having a snow day.

I just couldn't resist showing you all this picture of Madison. Wasn't she a doll face? She still is. Check out those cheeks. I loved dressing her and putting bows in her hair. When she had hair of course. My one and only daughter. She has always had a heart of gold and a smile full of pure joy.

Alright. Enough fun and games. I am off to wrangle some kids. Have a great day!


Bellismom said...

Ridiculous isn't it? And so far no snow north of you either. At least not here.

Jaimin said...

The wonderful CO snow. :) Do you miss us yet? ;)