Sunday, January 17, 2010

free write

Wow! What an amazing last couple days! Last couple weeks really. We have been moving and shaking around here. Well, not literelly moving...not yet at least! More to come on that little tease later.

My wonderful husband...speaking of him, I have been thinking I need to officially introduce you all dear readers to him. I mean, I know I talk about him a lot and wrote a post that included pictures of him, but I'm talking really introducing you to him. Or would it be him to you? Doesn't really matter now does it. You shall be introduced soon. (Neil, if you read my blog, which I hope you do, you will appreciate that last sentence.) About my wonderful husband, these are his last three days at his current job. He will take almost a week off and then start his new job. He is bursting at the seem to begin a new career! A new era! We as a family are too. He has a regular job where he will most likely be home at night and definately Saturdays and Sundays. He gets holidays off. His store was open on Thanksgiving day for cryin out loud! This is something we have been longing for and praying for a long time now. Our prayers have been answered. We are so thankful and so very blessed.

We went yesterday and bought him some new clothes. We also took Maddie to a birthday party, got lost, went to Best Buy, ate a delicious lunch, got lost again, took the kids to a special place that had a line out the door and down the street, changed our minds about that special place and took them elsewhere, got lost looking for the other special place, then finally found it and had the place all to oursleves to enjoy a family dinner. The kids did surprisingly well. Oh, and it rained all day yesterday.

Today, I am still in my pj's and thinking about staying in them all day. Doing laundry, playing games, running wild, and eating spoonfuls of peanut butter are in store for us today.

What about you? What are you doing today?    


Gina said...

I love pj days. Today I dropped my parents to an early train so we all had to get up and dressed earlier than normal. Now that we are back to being "just us" we are planning a lazy fun day hanging around and having the kids friends here for tea and homemade pizzas...


rachelzdyb said...

i shall love that sentance tooo
yay for aaron and the new job, and yay for you giving your 2 week notice! y'all are always in my prayers! all my love from cold Indiana! oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY micah!!!!! xoxoxoxo