Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the team family Christmas Tree

This past weekend, our family set out to find the perfect Christmas tree. There is a tree farm not far from our house and my husband and I loaded the children up and were on our way.

As we drove up I could hear the OHs and Ahs coming from the second and third row seats of our car. The children, and my husband and I, were in awe of the acres and acres of gorgeous tree lined green...well, trees!!

What a magical place this was. Families fluttering about sipping hot cocoa and walking hand in hand anxious to choose their own family Christmas tree. What tradition this place screamed. What closeness and serenity.

Why, they made it so very easy to capture this moment in time without a care in the world...or even a saw.


We searched high and low for the perfect family Christmas tree. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and the smell of Christmas was illuminating the air. Like I said, magical.

It was magical, miraculous in fact, that we only lost Brady once.

The old run in and out of the miles and miles of trees trick. Brady...could ya?

And hiding behind that tiny branch doesn't make you any less noticeable. Or any less cute.

Daddy and Brady had some words.

And we were back on track to hunt down the best Christmas tree EVER.

And there is was. It stopped us in our tracks. The beam from the heavens shining solely on this tree couldn't have been a more brilliant sign.


And then I go and stick the four children in front of the magical tree so you can't even get a good glimpse of it. Oh well. It really is lovely and fits our home perfectly.


Yes, what is a tree farm without reindeer.

And a train ride on the Tannenbaum Express.

And beautiful Madison.

On the way home we stopped and ate some of the best hamburgers we have ever put in our mouths. Mouth watering they were. The employees were very friendly to our children. We happened to be the only ones in this small restaurant, so the kids were loving the attention. Thank you Fish River Grill!

One we were home we decorated the tree while listening to Christmas music. I love this time of year. I love tradition. I love homemade ornaments.

I love the team's family Christmas tree. 


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Farrellsx3 said...

I think the kids make your beautiful tree even more beautiful :)

Merry Christmas to you.
It really sounds like a wonderful day at the farm. Now we just need snow... surely you miss being in CO right now..????

I love you guys.