Monday, November 9, 2009

what's worse than Ida?

This evening and into tomorrow, parts of the Gulf Coast are being threatened by Tropical Storm Ida. Schools are closing, businesses are sand bagging, folks are stocking up on batteries, candles, water and canned goods. Tropical storms and even hurricanes are nothing new to the people who live in this region. They know how to prepare and when to react due to prior experience. What they are not aware of though is a little something I like to call...Hurricane L.M.B. If you have no prior experience in three boys and their hurricane like tendancies, look away now. No one can prepare for what you are about to see. Beware, the following photographs are an ACTUAL EVENT.   

                                                                   The huddle.

The hike.

The hand off. Or is that a blitz by his own teammate?!

The interception.

The tackle.

Brought down!

Sometimes you can't be totally prepared for life. Especially tropical storms, hurricanes, and parenthood.  

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