Saturday, November 7, 2009

illness, snippets, and other happenings

What a jam packed week we had! These are the times I long to, even moreso than normal, be a stay at home mom! Luke started running a high fever on Halloween afternoon. He continued to feel crummy Sunday so did not go to school on Monday.

I suddenly remembered Sunday afternoon that the boys are required to start wearing pants at school November 1st. That sure was the very next day and I most definately had NOT bought Micah pants yet. Jimminey Christmas!! What a crock! So Micah had to stay home from school Monday with Luke! (So sorry Mom!) Madison held the fort down at school Monday by her lonesome!

Luke and I visited the doctor on Monday. Tested him for strep which he didn't have. Did not test him for the flu, which I was surprised by. She stamped him with a viral infection, said to keep an eye on him and sent us on our way. I dropped him back off at my mom's house and rushed to buy Micah's pants so he could return to school on Tuesday, and I went back to work.

Here comes Tuesday. Luke is seemingly feeling better so I send him to school with Madison and Micah. As I drive in to the carpool line I notice lots of boys wearing shorts. "What's this all about?" I thought to myself. Maybe the bigger boys don't have to wear pants yet. Come to find out our principal changed the no shorts rule to November 30th!! Isn't that good to know after I rushed out to buy my son two pairs of pants he had to have! Next time maybe I will look at the calendar sent home the week before with the no shorts rule update. Maybe...    

Picked the kiddos up from my mom's house a bit after 5pm and Luke now has a severe cough, eyes still puffy and bloodshot and fever spiked again! Poor baby! Oh, and now Madison has a high fever to boot! This is it. The beginning of the illness cycling through our entire family, crippling us from the outside world, and leading me having to disinfect the entire house to rid the stink! Ahem.

Midweek has arrived and hubby has the day off. Madison is miserable! Madison looses her left front tooth! Luke is sneezy! Micah goes to school to represent the family name. I keep the apointment to get the boys hair cut late in the afternoon because they desperately need a trimming. We pick up dinner to go at the church and head home to eat.

Is it Friday yet? Have I mentioned the kids are out of school Friday for a teacher in-service day? Gotta love the Catholic School system!

We made it to Thursday. Micah and Brady are still fever free. Micah heads to school and I drop the two sicklies and Brady off at my mom's. Luke works on missed schoolwork and complains the whole time. Maddie stays snuggled and watches movies. Brady is a typical two year old and does his thing. Daddy gets off work early and prepares a delicious feast of barbeque chicken for dinner! Kids take showers and baths and go to bed.

Friday has arrived! Hubs is off work again. Luke and Maddie are fever free! They continue to take it easy to avoid a relapse. Hubby works in the garage and fixes his famous quesadillas for dinner! Luke goes to the Windmill Market with a friend Friday evening.

Deep breath. Brady's new love is dinosaurs. Micah has perfected his football throw and will definately be a quaterback one day soon(he is five years old). I do not exagerate. My husband shaved his beard and cut his hair. Madison forgot to leave her tooth under her pillow the night she lost it. The tooth fairy forgot to take her tooth the next night. Luke has found a new love for orange juice.

I am glad for Saturday. How was your week?



Gina said...

It sounds like such a busy week. You must be in need of a glass of wine and a foot rub by now!

When my girls were in their Catholic school in England the school regulated when they could change between winter and summer uniform. Now that we are living in Australia things are so much more chilled out. It doesn't matter which they choose to wear. Long or short. A mixture of either over the course of the week. No one says anything.

We do get unexpected teacher training days scattered through the year but fortunately they are usually on a Friday when i don't work.

I hope you all have a chilled out weekend and get a chance to relax and get rid of all your nasty bugs!
I hope you have a chilled out weekend and you all get a chance to relax and get rid of your nasty bugs!

Gina said...

Ooops! Left the comment using my phone and seemed to loose the last sentence only for it to appear twice! Never mind. Hope writing it twice makes it twice as likely to happen!