Friday, September 18, 2009

refereeing moments

Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't.

Just kidding!

 I do, more often than not, feel like a referee. I am constantly watching the plays and stepping in where necessary. Sometimes it's to break up a quarrel between players. Sometimes it's to seek settlement on a certain play or ruling. And other times I am asked to give my humble opinion on a play! Do I always enjoy being the referee day in and day out? No, not always. But I do enjoy creating moments with my players. Whether they are teaching moments, or insprirational moments, or emotional moments, or playful moments, or spiritual moments, or laugh so hard we pee in our pants moments!

I could go on and on about moments, but I think you get the idea.

These moments with my players(children) are priceless and as they get older will be few and far between I'm sure. Try get a teenager to like you enough to share a moment! I am so not looking forward to those referring days! Yikes!

I am being more conscious about using my referring time to create moments with each of my children as individuals and as a family. Sometimes it involves creativity stretched to the farthest length! Sometimes it involves putting all four children in their respective corners(rooms). It doesn't always work. Sometimes it backfires horribly.

The moments that do work and you see the result on the face of your child is indescribable! Whether it is a smile or they decide to make the right choice it is such an accomplishment. As a mother you feel like you are doing your job and doing it well. You are rearing children the way God intended you to rear them. You are giving them a happy childhood filled with love, boundaries, tenderness, sincereness, and the ability to choose right from wrong. You are making memories with your children!

Switching gears now. A couple weekends ago we went swimming. Here are a few snapshots. Also, if anyone knows what a lovebug is, they were in full force that day. Swarming everything and everyone in sight. The only way to avoid their viciously annoying selves, was to stay in the water.


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