Friday, September 11, 2009


Another week survived in rainy Alabama. It was touch and go some moments....some days in fact! I tell you what, being the mother 0f four children, three of them being of school age this year and the fourth being....well.... a one of a kind 2 year old rascal, AND working full time,(that is a lot of ands...isn't it?!) is a juggling say the least. How do I do it? Why am I asking myself that question? As I sit here listening to the movie Flushed Away in the background, I have a moment to actually write about something. Daddy took the big boys to a high school football game. Princess is across the street playing with neighbors. Little B is beside me on the couch. So how do I do it? How does anyone raise children, working or not working, and live to write about it! I am figuring out as mine get older that I had it easy for awhile. Up until a few weeks ago I had no idea just how good I had it. Parenting is throwing me for loops lately. I am faced with new situations to problem solve. I am constantly asking God for patience, understanding, knowledge, patience, guidance, patience, calmness of heart, rest...did I say patience? I think as parents, or at least me as a parent, couldn't wait for my children to reach certain stages and gain certain independence. You know like when your child can hold his bottle or even feed himself or walk beside you with out having to be triple trapped into the buggy(while screaming), or being able to take a shower on their own and wipe their own bottoms. But now, realizing that my children are growing up and I'm not parenting small children anymore, I am parenting big kids and small kids(9,7,5,2) and the big kids come with a whole new set of surprises. Call them what you will. Challenges, issues, surprises, rules, obstacles, stages, what have you! It is a whole new ball game! thing is constant. God's willingness to step in and lead us through it. Whatever it is. No matter how big or small. He will be with us. This I know for sure. I get asked all the time "how do you do it raising four children". I answer "I just do". And I am able to raise my four children with God's grace and guidance. I also have a wonderful husband and parents who are constants as well! I am blessed with wonderful constants!

Speaking of constants, here are some pictures to enjoy of lunch time fun with pb&j's! Messy....there is another constant in my life!

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Jaimin said...

Ha! Now that Powell is 2 (almost 3, yikes!) I ask God for patience every minute of every day. It is definitely a struggle for me, but I sure am learning! :)