Monday, August 31, 2009

kindergarten 101

It's been a week now that my little Micah started kindergarten. I still can't believe my blue eyed baby boy has started school....and there's no going back! Look at him with his slicked hairdo! That was his daddy's doing. Micah has been waiting about a year to go to school with Luke and Maddie. He longed all last year to have his own uniform to wear, get out of the car in the carpool line, and have homework every night. He asked on a regular basis this past summer, "When does my school start again?" We would always reply, "Soon baby...soon."
Micah had a few choice words for school during the first week. The first day of school in fact, I asked Micah if he talked in class today, not explaining myself fully. I thought maybe each child had stood up and said there name and there favorite color or something. He looked me straight in the eye with the most serious face and said, "I can't talk in class. Only on the playground." We'll see how long that rule is remembered. I can tell you that stats for keeping that rule around the house are pretty low.

One day after school I asked Micah how he was liking kindergarten so far. His reply while throwing his arms in the air, "All we do is color all day long!" My reply, "What do you want to be doing all day?" Micah's answer, "Playing outside."

All in all Micah had a great first week of kindergarten! We did start to get a little worried when he got out of the shower Thursday evening and said his whole body hurt, and his brain hurt! This is it folks, kindergarten 101. Coloring all day, causes your brain to hurt!

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