Sunday, August 9, 2009

tender love and care

It started out as this...actually it started out as a tiny egg but I can't put my finger on those pictures. We found this nest in one of the trees in our front yard. The kids checked on it every day and made sure that none of the other kids in the neighborhood touched the baby bird. It was very sweet! With tender love and care by the team, that tiny baby bird grew into this! He...or she, fell out of it's nest and was wondering around the yard one evening. The kids were so worried that the cat that prowls our yard at night would gobble him up. So I did what any other mother would do. I chased that baby bird around the yard untill I finally(he was fast!) was able to scoop him up and place him back in his nest.
He didn't stay for long but we sure did enjoy having this baby bird in our care! Now the team wants a dog!

One day we will have a dog....just not any time soon! I have enough to keep me busy!

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